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Welcome to the Studio! Where we come together, both in-person and virtually to encourage each other, push ourselves, overcome challenges and create results for Fitness Goals! Meet the team of ladies coming together to lead classes at The Studio 8th!


toning & barre

bonnie kate olson

I’ve been invested in the health industry for years but I have been working as a CPT for 3.5 years now. My absolute favorite part has been witnessing women come alive. Not because of the weight or not missing a workout.... but because they invested in themself and were proud of the work that they put in. Because they could look in the mirror and realize that it isn’t about perfection. Beauty isn’t just skin deep! Because they could walk by a scale without feeling anxious, knowing that their worth didn’t rely on what it read back to them. And because I’ve gotten to know these beautiful women through through the health industry avenue!



anndi marshall

I’m recently certified and have mainly been teaching private clients. I am so excited to teach in a group setting! I plan to bring my knowledge of massage therapy and yoga together to create a relaxing and healing experience for our students. I’m excited to work with a group of women who have a passion for fitness and health. Also, to be in a positive environment & share wellness with others. I want to teach yoga in a way that makes other feel like their best selves.



shay webb

I am so excited for join all of you in this new journey! I will be teaching “Toning”, it focuses on burning out your muscles while using lighter weights but quite a few reps are involved!! It has always been my favorite class to take and teach! I want to be able to connect with women through this whole experience. I know what it’s like to start something new and I want to make sure that everyone in the class or watching can feel like they can do anything!



molly sue

I am a retired Kindergarten teacher and a full time stay at home mom now. I am so excited to be bringing barre to The Studio! I fell in love with barre after my very first class, and have been teaching it for the past 6 years. I love how it truly fatigues every muscle in your body and leaves your muscles burning and quivering... that’s when you know the changes are happening! Barre is a workout for every fitness level and consistently challenges your body in new ways! 
As much as I love barre because of the physical results it brings, I love the community it creates even more. Watching women from all walks of life come together and encourage each other is truly my favorite thing about group fitness!



camy brunson

I started practicing yoga nearly twenty years ago and it has seen me through many life phases including recovery from multiple surgeries and a traumatic car accident. It has helped me find my balance many times and I hope I can share that gift with others. I’m thrilled to join a team of local women who want to reach out to others in a positive way. It is a wonderful thing to have the opportunity to achieve optimal physical and mental health. I hope we can provide others with experiences in our studio that translate to a more well rounded life outside.

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